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We charge a monthly fee depending upon the number of orders you book in that month.

There are no additional charges for setup, hosting or transaction processing.

Number of Orders/month Monthly Charge
Less than 100 Rs. 5,000
101 to 400 Rs. 7,500
401 to 1000 Rs. 10,000
Greater than 1000 Call us

Setup costs

Setup costs are based on number of SKU’s and complexity in the ordering process. The setup fees range typically from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000. Shoptimize India Pvt. Ltd. is not charging for setup for customers who sign up before 31st of May 2013! Please write to us to avail of this offer.

Monthly Fee

We charge a monthly fee of Rs. 5,000 per month to host and support your online store.

Transaction Fee

Launching your online store is like getting you to the start line of a race without a finish line! Your second tier of challenges include increasing visibility for your store through apt marketing, getting various blogs and websites to feature your store, continuously evaluate what is popular and stock and price correctly and an ongoing process of prototyping, testing and scaling new features. We partner with you in this journey as an ally and make your success our own. For this effort, we charge a 2% transaction fee on the revenue you make through the online store. This goes towards covering our additional costs of increased traffic and transactions.